Making a claim for loss or damage

We are committed to providing safe and reliable energy services to our customers.

If you have experienced loss or damage as a result of ActewAGL’s business activities, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. We will endeavour to respond to all claims promptly and fairly.

Will I be compensated for all losses or damages?

We pay fair compensation for loss or damage that occurs as a direct result of ActewAGL’s negligence or breach of our obligations to you under your Deemed Customer Connection Contract (DSCC). We do not pay compensation for damage or loss which is not caused by our negligence or breach of the DSCC. This might include damage or loss caused by third parties or events outside ActewAGL’s control such as accidents, weather, vandalism or interference from vegetation or animals.

All claims are investigated and assessed on a case-by-case basis and any compensation offered by ActewAGL will reflect the fair and reasonable cost to repair the damage. It is ActewAGL’s policy to assess the replacement value of the claim taking into consideration the age and current resell value of the item being claimed.

We suggest that you contact your insurance company directly for losses resulting from external causes or events beyond ActewAGL’s control. Your insurance provider may be able to reimburse you for your losses without investigation and will, in some cases, pay replacement value for damaged items. Should you require additional confirmation from us in order to lodge a claim with your insurer we will be happy to help.

How do I submit a claim?

If you wish to submit a claim to ActewAGL, please fill out the claim form. You will need to provide details of the incident as well as details of any loss or damage. To assist us in processing your claim as quickly as possible, please include evidence of costs or damage incurred including any receipts, invoices, quotes, photographs or reports to support your claim.

Submit a claim

How do I submit a claim for reconsideration?

An applicant whose claim was not accepted or finalised to the satisfaction of the claimant, may apply to have their claim reconsidered. An officer who has not been involved in making the original decision will undertake the reconsideration of your claim. This is to ensure that you will receive a fair and impartial re-assessment of your claim. When the reconsideration is finalised you will receive written advice for the outcome of the reconsideration and the reason for the decision.

Application for reconsideration form