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Specific faults and emergencies

Fallen power lines

Fallen or sagging powerlines are dangerous, so stay clear, warn others and call ActewAGL on 13 10 93 or Emergency Services on 000. Never try to rescue an accident victim from a vehicle surrounded by fallen powerlines.

Find out more about the danger of overhead powerlines.

To better understand why it's so important to keep trees, powerlines and other infrastructure clear of any obstruction, see our information on preventing damage to our utility network.

Problems with streetlights

In the case of an emergency involving a street light, for example a vehicle accident or if a live street light cable has been dug up, please call 000 and report it to Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.

As of 1 July 2007, ActewAGL no longer handles general enquiries about street lights.

Territory and Municipal Services (TaMS) now look after all general enquiries relating to street lights. Please call Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 to report a fault or to make such an enquiry.

Damaged/unsecure equipment

Stay well clear and call 13 10 93 immediately if you see damage to electricity poles, meters or substations, or notice doors left open or unlocked.

Damage to poles, wires, meters, substations and mini pillars create a risk to public safety and can disrupt the electricity and gas supply.

If substations or mini pillars are damaged, electrical wires can be exposed. Electricity can arc or jump and you can receive an electric shock, even if you are not in direct contact with the wires.

Graffiti or vandalism

Please report graffiti or vandalism to ActewAGL equipment by calling 13 10 93.


Planned power interruptions

ActewAGL notifies its customers sending a letter in the mail of upcoming service interruptions. Customers should receive advice of a planned power interruption no less than two days from the scheduled date of the interruption. If you have questions regarding the planned interruption, you can call 02 6248 3555.

Planned power interruptions usually take up to eight hours to conduct. If you wish to check on the status of the work, you can call 13 10 93 for an update.

On occasion, planned power interruptions may be cancelled.

Unplanned power interruptions

Identifying the issue

Check to see if other rooms' appliances or lights work. If they do, the problem is probably local to your home and you may need to check your fuse box for a tripped circuit breaker.

Check neighbouring houses to see if they also are experiencing a loss in power. If so, the problem is most likely outside of your house.

Reporting unplanned power interruptions — call 13 10 93

Please be patient. Unplanned power interruptions can take five minutes to several hours to fix. You can check to see if an interruption has already been reported by checking the network outages page. You can report or check on the status of the work by calling 13 10 93.

If you see the interruption listed on the network outages page, or if you hear a pre-recorded message when you call, the fault has already been reported. We will try to include an estimated restoration time in the message.

If you have information on the possible cause of the interruption, please call us on 13 10 93. If there is no message or you need more information, stay on the line and a customer service representative will assist you.

Electric shocks

In emergencies, call triple zero (000) for an ambulance.

Electric shocks and tingles happen for a variety of reasons but can sometimes be an indication that there's an underlying electrical fault that requires urgent attention.

The Utilities Act requires us to inform you, the customer of your obligation to report serious electrical accidents to us, ActewAGL. That's why you need to immediately report all tingles and shocks, no matter how minor, to ActewAGL by calling 13 10 93.

Once a shock is reported ActewAGL will take immediate action and if necessary will provide assistance to help ensure you are safe. The cause will then be investigated by the appropriate authority.

Report electricity theft

Electricity and water theft costs you money.

Theft of electricity and water and interference with ActewAGL's electricity and water equipment costs you money. In the long run, tariffs have to be adjusted to compensate for losses.

Both are serious offences which attract substantial penalties.

If you know, or think you know, of anyone stealing electricity or water let us know by:

Your information is completely confidential.

If you think the premises you have moved into have been interfered with regarding the theft of electricity or water, do not attempt repairs until it has been inspected by ActewAGL and advice has been given.

General electrical safety

Review our electrical safety tips for information regarding power points and power boards, safety switches, powerlines and more.


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