An outage is a temporary disruption to your energy or water supply. These may occur for a range of reasons including necessary maintenance to the networks, construction work or damage to the infrastructure.

For urgent enquiries about outages or cancelled outages, or to provide information that may assist our staff to restore power, please contact ActewAGL Faults and Emergencies on the following numbers:

Unplanned power outages in your area

Please be patient if you experience electricity interruptions while any repairs take place — you can be sure that we will be working hard to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

To be prepared, we recommend you keep items you may need during an outage in an easy-to-access place. Things you should include:

  • battery-powered torch
  • battery-powered radio
  • spare batteries.

Details of current known, unplanned outages are listed below.

Unplanned outages

No unplanned outages.

Please note that there may be a slight delay in displaying this information on the website.

Outages on Twitter

Join us on Twitter for updates on energy outages, as well as news and community information. Please note the ActewAGL’s Twitter feed is monitored during business hours from Monday to Friday.

Actewagl is on Twitter twitter.com/ActewAGL

ActewAGL uses these tags in our twitter messages about outages:

#Canberra #power #electricity #gas #outage

Live in NSW?


For ActewAGL customers who live in NSW and experience an electrical emergency or fault you should report it to your local network company.

Endeavour Energy supplies ActewAGL customers in the following postcodes 2535, 2538, 2539, 2540, 2541.

Planned interruptions

Unplanned interruptions 

Report a fault

Endeavour Energy's planned
interruptions page
Endeavour Energy's unplanned
interruptions page

13 10 03

Essential Energy supplies ActewAGL customers in the following postcodes 2536, 2537, 2545, 2546, 2548, 2549, 2550, 2551,2580, 2581, 2582, 2583, 2584, 2585, 2586, 2587, 2594, 2611, 2618,2619, 2620, 2621, 2622, 2623, 2624, 2625, 2626, 2627, 2628, 2629.

Planned interruptions

Unplanned interruptions 

Report a fault

Essential Energy's planned
interruptions page
Essential energy's unplanned
interruptions page

13 20 80

Natural gas

ActewAGL owns and operates the gas networks in Queanbeyan and Palerang shire and Nowra.

For ActewAGL customers in Boorowa, Goulburn, Yass and Young, you will need to contact Jemena.

Gas interruptions

Report a fault

Gas outages and emergency information page

13 19 09