Childhood obesity is a major health issue in our local community and data has shown that about one quarter of our children aged five to 17 years are overweight or obese. It is known that children are getting heavier and a high proportion of kids are struggling more with their weight now than they were three years ago.

This is why ActewAGL has teamed up with fitness trainer Lee Campbell and his company B.FIRM to create the ActewAGL Swing into Life program for ACT and Queanbeyan school students. The ActewAGL Swing Into Life Program allows for students to develop key skills that will allow them to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

The program focuses around six key pillars including:

  1. Teamwork – working together utilising each other’s strength and weaknesses, learning respect and being involved.
  2. Communication – being an engaged listener, paying attention to non-verbal signals and being assertive are all important aspects of communication.
  3. Leadership – everyone can develop their leadership qualities including leading by example, finding a mentor to learn from and knowing when to ask for help.
  4. Confidence – it can take time and can be built. By setting goals, being prepared, trying something new and staying positive are all ways to build your confidence.
  5. Healthy Living – is about making healthy choices every day including eating well, limiting screen time and getting up and moving.
  6. Community – being part of a community is good for your mental health and wellbeing. Try exploring your local environment, being active or joining a local club or group.

RegisterAs a part of the program, schools and students are invited to participate in an activity course which includes a number of different obstacles and activities that encourage students to work as a team and overall build confidence whilst being physically active. The course will be adjusted to suit the needs and ages of all students to make sure that it is done in a safe and fun environment. The program has links to the Health and Physical Education category of the Australian Curriculum and contributes to the ACT Government's Healthy Weight Initiative.

ActewAGL is covering the cost of the Swing into Life program. All participating schools need to do is organise transport to and from the venue.

For further information on the program and to register visit bfirm.com.au/swingintolife

What teachers and students are saying about Swing into Life

Gold Creek High School

“It’s a program that teaches them that exercise and good habits can be fun as well as healthy. I think all the students showcased a high level of teamwork that will be brought back to school. I feel the benefits of this program will be life long and help all students who participate in it. The students loved it. One student wasn't confident in his ability to complete activities but he succeeded and was shocked that the other students who were leading and helping him through the session. It was inspiring to see the change in some students who don't normally take on leadership roles.”

- Abby Slater, Teacher, Gold Creek High School

Campbell High School

"The Swing Into Life Program has become a very valuable and popular resource for Campbell High School and our staff, students and parents are greatly appreciative. It is rare to find such a flexible and fun fitness program that students consistently want to be a part of and we plan to access this program frequently throughout next term. We are looking to make it a part of our annual Health and PE Week, to give more of our students a chance to attend. This program and resource is invaluable to the Canberra community and I would once again, like to thank all that are involved.”

- Ash Carter, Teacher, Campbell High School

Mount Stromlo High School

“I am writing to you on behalf of Badgers Boys Education Program at Mt Stromlo High School to thank you and your team for running us through your amazing obstacle course. The boys loved getting down and muddy through multitude of challenges they had the opportunity to experience the day, and have been speaking about it ever since. We would also like to extend our thanks to ActewAGL for supporting the ‘Swing into life’ program that made it possible for the boys to participate in this fantastic opportunity.”

- Martin Desmet, Teacher, Mount Stromlo High School

See more Swing into Life photos and testimonials

Curtin Primary School

"Swing Into Life was an amazing experience, it was challenging but in a great way. After it, I felt like I had achieved a lot and I felt proud of myself. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to do lots of exercise but at the same time having lots of fun. I would love to come again."

- Lucia, Year 5, Curtin Primary School

Curtin Primary School

"Swing Into Life was a pristine experience. It was energetic and pleasant to go to. The nature and atmosphere was outstanding and I adored the fact that we had a great day in the sun and were able to participate in activities that aren’t available in school! Thank you for letting us have this wonderful opportunity!"

- Sam, Year 6, Curtin Primary School

Curtin Primary School

"Swing Into Life was a fun experience. It was physically challenging and to get the job done we had to work as a team. We had to complete the obstacle course, crawl under nets, carry heavy weights and many more exciting activities. I enjoyed all of the activities as well as the physical challenges. I am looking forward to the end of year when we will be going again to do the Battle Games."

- Sophie, Year 5, Curtin Primary School

Canberra Grammar School

"Thank you for such a fantastic opportunity to undertake some fitness, leadership and group challenges with our yr 10 students. I really appreciated the way you were able to cater to our range of fitness levels and the varying degrees of confidence felt by each student when tackling tasks. Although the weather was icy, by the end of the session everyone had a huge smile on their face and on the bus home you could feel the pride they all felt in their achievements. Thanks again for such an inspiring session. We will certainly be back!!"

- Caite Khan, Teacher, Canberra Grammar School

St Jude's Primary School

"Swing into life is a great obstacle course. It helps the students get active whilst learning about teamwork and communication. We took both of our Year 3 classes and the enthusiasm of the students was amazing. It was great to see our students working together, helping each other out and problem solving whilst having a ball. All students were able to get involved and some in particular loved the mud!!!"

- Cathleen Feerick, Teacher, St Jude's Primary School


Latham Primary School

"Just want to say thanks for working with our students from Latham Primary School on the Swing into Life program. It was a tough and challenging afternoon for the kids who went through the obstacle courses and activities with you, but the sense of pride and achievement the kids took away at the end of the day was truly fantastic. Many of our students had never attempted something like this but the support and encouragement you gave them helped them to achieve success. Thanks again for a great afternoon, the kids are still talking about it."

- Brett, Teacher, Latham Primary School

Radford College

"Want to take the time to say a big thanks for the session today for my Year 9 class. Was terrific to see how they responded to the challenges posed in the various initiative activities and the physical team-based challenges. The session gave ample opportunity to expose and develop teamwork and communication skills among all members of the group, whilst extending their fitness. Students were pushed beyond their comfort zone and once they “bought-in” you could really see other traits come forth as well, such as support for each other and leadership. The bus trip home was noisy and cheerful as they sang various songs as a collective (mostly in tune?). A well planned out course with a great range of obstacles and equipment; Darren was a motivating instructor throughout and guided the troops effectively! Thanks for having us."

- Darryle Macdonald, Teacher, Radford College


Melrose High School

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the opportunity to attend the Swing into Life program earlier this week. We had a fantastic time and the students as well as myself enjoyed all of the challenges. I had said to you when on the phone I wanted to attend the program to build relationships with some of our difficult and disengaged students. It was fantastic. The instruction, challenges and teamwork enabled all of us, at the end of the time, helping, supporting and encouraging each other. I contacted every parent the next day to provide feedback on their child, as they all seemed to grow in their maturity, manner and resilience over the short period of time. They were all so grateful and said their children had not stopped raving about it. And they all slept well. If only we could hand out 5 push ups every time they swore here! So thank you to the staff, and thanks to you for proving such an amazing program.

- Sonja Marmont, Teacher, Melrose High School


UC Senior Secondary College  Lake Ginninderra

I just wanted to pass on a really big thank you on behalf of the students and staff at Lake Ginninderra College. The Swing Into Life program is great initiative and provided an excellent opportunity for our students to challenge themselves in an unconventional education environment. The obstacle course and associated activities were able to provide a physical and mental challenges for our Sports Development students and allowed the students to demonstrate their resilience. The students were a little reluctant to get wet and muddy with the freezing weather yesterday but it was great that as soon as they got off the bus they were active and engaged. Darren and yourself motivated and supported each of the students as they undertook the challenges presented. Darren supported the students by providing modified landings and 1 on 1 coaching to participants that were injured or scared of heights. I would recommend the Swing Into Life program to students of all ages and abilities.

- Jackie Bryant, Lake Ginninderra College

 St Francis Xavier College

Thank you so much for the session you ran with our students on Monday. I thought it was an excellent program which challenged the students to move out of their comfort zones and try something new. These were some of the advantages and benefits: High expectation to participate and they responded courageously. Kids were positively affirmed for their efforts and some modifications made where needed. All experienced success in spite of the mud and bruises! They experienced the value of teamwork and good communication. By supporting one another and working together they can achieve great things. A great sense of bonding developed in the group as they progressed through the obstacles and met challenges. Continuous pace of the programme provided a good physical workout. Not too much talking but all action! Kids were encouraged to develop problem solving skills. Think about the task before you act! The program was well designed to challenge and provide a sense of achievement. It was interesting to watch leadership skills begin to develop within the group. Overall the kids had a fantastic time and arrived back at school happy and with a considerable amount of mud!

- Sue Hallams, Pastoral Associate, St Francis Xavier College


Charles Conder Primary School

On behalf of the Charles Conder Staff, students and community we would like to firstly thank you, BFirm and the sponsors of the initiative for the opportunity for school groups to be involved in Swing into Life! We had an overwhelming positive response from students and parents and this initiative aligns with the work we do with, positive mindset, social and emotional learning, building resilience, collaborating, problem solving and growing from being outside their comfort zone. We look forward to other opportunities in 2017 for Charles Conder to be involved again.

- Jason Walmsley, Principal, Charles Conder P-6 School


Red Hill Primary School

We would like to thank you so very much for Friday mornings obstacle session. It was a fantastic, muddy, morning and the children haven’t stopped talking about it. They had an amazing time and really challenged themselves. For some of the children this was a difficult thing to do but they came away with beaming faces when they did. They learnt so much about teamwork in a “doing” environment. It was clear to see if they didn’t help each other the team didn’t get anywhere! Julian was excellent with the children, able to put boundaries in place while explaining the reasons for them, and the children really listened to him. Thank you once again for your support of Red Hill Primary School students. It is so very much appreciated by us all.

- Red Hill Parents & Teachers Association