Our sponsorship guidelines

We get hundreds of sponsorship proposals every year, so your proposal stands out make sure it’s clear, concise, well researched and presented. This will make it easier for us to consider your proposal and make a quick decision.

Carefully consider the following sponsorship guidelines when preparing your proposal.

You may also download the sponsorship guidelines (PDF, 88KB).

Consideration process

Applicants requesting sponsorship should read the sponsorship guidelines prior to submitting a proposal.

Applications can only be submitted online.

Your proposal will be assessed on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the information presented by the organisation seeking sponsorship in accordance with the sponsorship guidelines.

We will respond to your proposal within six weeks from the date of receipt.

Sponsorship categories

For your sponsorship proposal to be considered the project must fit into one or more of the following categories.

  • Academic
  • Arts
  • Business
  • Charity/not-for-profit
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Social/health
  • Sporting

Sponsorship type

ActewAGL offer four forms of sponsorship as listed below:

  • Donations:  a donation is support given to a group or organisation where no immediate benefit to ActewAGL is anticipated.
  • Cash sponsorship:  financial payment in return for benefits associated with the sponsorship.
  • In-kind sponsorship: provision of goods and services in return for benefits associated with the sponsorship.
  • Cash and in-kind:  provision of a combination of the above cash and in-kind components in return for benefits associated with the sponsorship.

The benefits of the sponsorship must be negotiated and agreed between both parties.

Sponsorship criteria

ActewAGL's community sponsorship program is open to all individuals, businesses and community groups within ActewAGL's marketable area who can demonstrate they meet one of the following two mandatory criteria:

  • ActewAGL business customer (if applying on behalf of a business or organisation); or
  • ActewAGL residential customer (if applying on behalf of an individual)
    Note: please supply relevant account numbers for either electricity and/or gas accounts

Along with at least six (6) of the following criteria:

  • Exclusivity (no other electricity or utility company or organisation can sponsor your event or project)
  • Naming rights or high profile sub-event
  • Ceremonial involvement
  • Ticketing, hospitality or other goods and services associated with the project or event
  • On-site display, sales and/or giveaways
  • Provision of significant benefits that can be leveraged in marketing and business relationships
  • Provision of networking and business generation opportunities
  • Potential for broad community impact and/or branding
  • Potential to have a positive impact on the local community
  • Access to existing databases and generation of new database activities,(such as access to mailing lists)subject to the Privacy Act
  • Access to athletes and/or other appropriate celebrities
  • Provide the opportunity for exclusive and/or “money can’t buy” experiences
  • Provision of content for use on the ActewAGL website, and other marketing material, including footage and/or photographs
  • Exposure and links to/from ActewAGL’s social media network (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Product placement (using ActewAGL products or services in a meaningful way at the event/sponsorship)
  • Potential to involve ActewAGL employees, customers and/or the wider community

All sponsorship recipients will be required to enter into a Sponsorship Agreement.

Sponsorship exclusion

Organisation/activities which will not be considered for sponsorship by ActewAGL include those that:

  • are in competition with ActewAGL
  • are sponsored or involves ActewAGL's competitors
  • are not located within ActewAGL's marketable area
  • could be detrimental to public health or safety
  • are a registered political party
  • have not honoured past agreements
  • have an adverse reputation in relation to discrimination
  • will not supply relevant information on how the sponsorship funds are to be spent
  • are an organisation in which sponsorship involvement could be misinterpreted as a bribe or kickback (for example, to influence bidding processes) or
  • where sponsorship would otherwise be inappropriate or contrary to law

Application process

If you feel your proposal fits within ActewAGL’s guidelines and criteria, please apply online.

The sponsorship committee convenes every four weeks to assess all proposals that meet the criteria set out in this document. Written correspondence will take place upon the conclusion of the consideration process.

ActewAGL receives a large number of requests for sponsorship and unfortunately the number of applications will always exceed the funds available. Worthwhile programs cannot be guaranteed support regardless of merit.



Please allow up to six (6) weeks from the time of submission to allow us to process your request.


Contact information

If you would like more information about ActewAGL's Community Sponsorship Program or the guidelines, please contact ActewAGL's Sponsorship Team via email sponsorshipproposals@actewagl.com.au.