Our green building

ActewAGL House at 40 Bunda Street in Civic uses 100% Greenchoice renewable energy from levels 1 to 6. A range of other smart eco-friendly technologies have been used to reduce our energy consumption and our carbon footprint.

The office fit out is designed to achieve a five-star energy rating under the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS). In 2015 a six-star rating was achieved.  We’re also aiming to achieve at least a four-star rating through the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) system.

Our foyer is home to a stunning piece of art which has made headlines around the world. 'The Journey' is a sculpture which features low energy LED lights and is also powered by Green Energy.

It consists of 37 major sculptural forms emerging from the polished concrete floor to become sinuous light-filled shapes named "Ossolites".

The Ossolites are so-named because of their relationship with the concept of "oscillating", or swinging between points with rhythmic movement. The name also references the Latin word for bone ("osso") and the word light.

How it works

The Ossolites are programmed to create dramatic sequences of light, colour and movement throughout the installation. The forms contain thousands of environmentally sustainable LED lights supported by specially designed power sources. Movement sensors allow the work to interact with people passing through the space.

The Journey was selected from six design submissions from nationally-recognised artists across Australia. It was created by Canberra-based artist Robert Foster of Fink and Co. in collaboration with Frost* Design and Coolon Lighting Pty Ltd.