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About our business

Who owns ActewAGL?

ActewAGL was set up in October 2000 when the then Australian Gas Light Company (AGL), and ACTEW Corporation, an ACT Government owned enterprise, entered into Australia's first utility joint venture. ActewAGL is made up of two partnerships.

  • ActewAGL Retail is owned equally by Icon Water Ltd and AGL Energy via subsidiary companies.
  • ActewAGL Distribution is owned equally by Icon Water Ltd and SGSP (Australia) Assets Pty Ltd via subsidiary companies.
Diagram of ActewAGL's owners

Our history

Although ActewAGL was set up in October 2000, we've been supplying reliable essential services to Canberra and the region for much longer.

The journey began in 1915 with the Kingston Power House, which supplied electricity for Canberra's water supply at the Cotter Dam. Over the years, we've contributed to the building of the capital and have grown and changed with the needs of the city.

ActewAGL's relationship with TransACT

ActewAGL and TransACT have an agreement that enables us to offer bundled services to customers for electricity and natural gas, green energy, ISP, high speed broadband, phone, mobile and subscription television services.