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Canberra born fashion stylist Fiona Keary started Style Liberation in 2008 after an early mid-life crisis led her to realise that although she loved spreadsheets, working as an accountant just wasn’t going to give her the creative outlet she craved. 

“I’d recently been through my own style transformation and had taken my friends to see the same personal stylist, and that’s when I realised I’d found my calling.” Nine years on and Fiona has been helping others find their personal style ever since.

“It’s all about helping women and men explore who they are through what they wear, as well as making life easier for them by simplifying their wardrobe, and at the same time giving them confidence,” says Fiona. You can hear the passion in her voice as she talks about working with people. “My favourite thing about my job is developing relationships with my clients and seeing their transformation from not being excited about their wardrobe, to a month later feeling confident and good about themselves, and wearing colour! It’s amazing how many people are too scared to wear colour.”

“If someone says ‘You look really great today’, take that as a cue you’re wearing a good colour for you, whereas if someone says ‘I love that colour’, they’re looking at the colour, not you, and that colour probably isn’t working for you,” she says.

When asked what her one tip is for people struggling with their wardrobe, Fiona says, “Work out what your style personality is. About every three to five years your style personality can change depending on where you are at in life. So if you’ve fallen out of love with your wardrobe it’s probably time to reassess your style personality.” Fiona points out that updating your style personality doesn’t mean a whole new wardrobe, and that updating accessories and simplifying your wardrobe can be enough.

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