Keepin’ school holidays safe

Friday 12 January 2018

It’s school holiday season, and with your children out and about it’s important they keep safe around electricity and gas infrastructure and equipment. 

Evoenergy Manager Works Delivery Clinton McAlister said, “It’s important for everyone in our community, including our children, to be aware of the potential dangers of damaged or unsecured gas and electricity equipment.”

Unsecured or damaged assets includes open substation doors, covers removed from mini pillars, damaged power poles and wires, and bent or broken gas meter pipes.

“If you see damaged electrical equipment please stay well clear, as there is a risk of receiving an electric shock, even if you’re not in direct contact with wires.

“If anyone in the community sees damaged or unsecure equipment please call us right away on 13 10 93 for electricity and 13 19 09 for gas,” said Clinton. 

Keepin’ School Holidays Safe

Image caption: Keep clear of damaged or open assets that look like this and report them to Evoenergy on 13 10 93.

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